Web-Based Recertification Journal & Electronic Submission for Recertification

ASQ now provides its members with web based recertification journal and electronic submission for recertification. This means that you won’t have to keep track of RU papers and documentation for 3 yrs and then spend a couple hours rushing around to copy them, fill out the forms, collate and package them, and pay the postage to get your recertification
packet submitted. To use this you must create a login to the national ASQ website, asq. org. Once you sign in, select the “My Recertification Journal” on the menu along the right side of the home page.


That will land you on a page with an outline of the paper recertification journal, with each of the categories down
the page.


You will need to scan or take a photo of each of your RU documents before hand, making sure the information is legible. Hit the “Edit” button next the category to which you are going apply the event. The system asks you to identify the activity described in the document and upload the document. You can upload and document each event as it occurs, but be sure to keep the original documents in case of a snafu, or you can upload them all at once at your recertification time.


The system tallies your credits as you go and when you have enough credits allows you to pay by credit card and submit them with a push of a button. The website will send you an email confirmation immediately, so you don’t have the stress of worrying whether your packet arrived safely or not. Since the website is always up to date, you don’t have to worry that any of the rules or fees have changed since you received you recertification journal three years ago. This is not only a nice time saver for each of the ASQ members that recertify, but also lessens the burden on the local section recertification chairs that spend a great deal of time verifying documentation and interacting with members who submit incomplete documentation, unqualified events, or pay the wrong amount. I encourage all our members to take advantage of this time saving service and make suggestions to ASQ for any improvements that might make this even better, as ASQ continues to practice what they preach, using lean and quality techniques to improve their own organization.