The ASQ Greater Detroit section is a not-for-profit organization completely staffed through volunteer efforts.

Volunteering is one key way to continue practicing, learning, and growing. It can also lead to valuable contacts and experiences, if not a new job opportunity or even a new business of your own.

When you volunteer for ASQ Greater Detroit Section, you aren’t just doing good, you are also tending to your own personal and professional growth and development.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities within the ASQ Greater Detroit Section, please click here.

The Executive committee is responsible for providing general management and oversight of the affairs of the Section and alignment with the ASQ national organization.

The Executive Committee consists of:

  • Elected Officers of the Greater Detroit Section (GDS)
    •  Chair, Chair Elect, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer
  •  The previous year Chair
  •  Chairs of all the Committees
  •  The Area Directors
  •  Chairs of all Sub-Sections
  •  Chairs of all Section Task Groups

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