MFC Netform Tour A Success

MFC Netform Tour A Success – tour combined with hands-on auditing opportunity!

Recently, approximately 20 members enjoyed both a family plant tour of MFC Netform, as well as an opportunity to audit on the shop floor. Located in Shelby Township, this facility is the MFC center for flow forming and machining operations. The facility is focused on high volume powertrain component manufacture; secondary processes include milling, broaching, turning, drilling, staking and de burring. Established in 2003, the facility is relatively new, and has recently expanded to 56,000 sq. ft. Three major machining and forming lines were installed in 2012. There is a high focus on 5S within the plant.

All attendees enjoyed a chance to participate in Layered Process Audits (LPAs) on their shop floor using their paperless PLEX Quality & Manufacturing System. ASQ members did find some minor non-conformances, which will help MFC put corrective actions in place within their lean processes.


MFC Netform Plant Floor Panoramic

Machine Cell View