ASQ members don’t just join an organization. They join a community.

ASQ membership is broken down geographically into more than 250 sections and local member communities and topically into more than 25 forums and divisions. Geographic communities, run by volunteer member leaders in several countries, allow members to come together to share and learn on all topics related to quality.

Most sections and local member communities offer meetings, newsletters, online information, educational courses, seminars, conferences and certification exam preparatory programs. As all our leadership comes from within, members can get involved by becoming a section volunteer member leader. This allows them the opportunity to not only support the quality movement in a profound way, but also enhance leadership skills as well.

ASQ forums and divisions are unique sources of focused information on quality that can help you in your job. Professionals in your specific field run the forums and divisions on a volunteer basis. They provide a place to turn when you have a question or need a specific type of conference, course, book or paper. You can get involved in collaborative and networking events, and get inspired to try new and innovative ways to improve yourself, your community and your world.

For more information on how to get involved in ASQ and local section communities, visit the Events page.

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Forums and Divisions

ASQ’s forums and divisions cover several industries and topics. Visit their Web sites for more details. ASQ Full membership includes one forum or division membership. Additional forums and divisions can be added on to your current membership for $10 each.

  • Audit

Promotes broader application and use of quality auditing principles for effective business management purposes.

  • Automotive

Members are from the automotive, heavy-truck, off-highway, agricultural, industrial, and construction equipment industries – including supporting suppliers.

  • Aviation, Space & Defense

Members are from the manufacturing, service and government sectors of the aviation, defense and space industries.

  • Biomedical

Members are from engineering, quality, and regulatory affairs affiliated with the design, manufacture and support of medical devices, FDA regulations and international standards.

  • Chemical and Process Industries

Members work in industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, glass, and petroleum. Technical interest groups serve members in specific industries.

  • Customer-Supplier

This group explores, expands, and communicates the concepts and practices that lead to effective supplier performance and increased customer satisfaction.

  • Design and Construction

Members include architects, engineers, designers, construction managers, contractors, safety engineers, facility managers and other professionals.

  • Education

Promotes networking worldwide on quality in education, including K-12, Higher Education and Workforce Development. Students are encouraged to join us!

  • Electronics and Communications

Members are quality and reliability professionals concerned with all types and levels of electrical, electronic, and communication products.

  • Energy and Environmental

Members strive to address public concerns for satisfying energy needs while ensuring environmental health and welfare for future generations.

  • Food, Drug, and Cosmetic

Members are in quality control and assurance, regulatory and compliance, engineering, manufacturing, marketing and sales for food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

  • Government

Members work in local, state, and federal government agencies, and advocate the use of quality principles and tools to transform the public sector.

  • Healthcare

This group advances the knowledge of healthcare quality, and includes doctors, nurses, medical technologists, hospital administrators, hospital staff, auditors, and engineers.

  • Human Development and Leadership

Provides the skills, knowledge, tools, and information needed to excel as individuals, leaders, teachers, trainers, coaches and mentors.

  • Inspection

Members include those responsible for establishing and developing inspection and test methodologies, and the quality professionals who perform inspections and tests.

  • Lean Enterprise

Promotes lean principles and practices, including cost reduction, cycle time reduction, waste minimization and value-adding strategies.

  • Measurement Quality

Members apply the principles of quality and statistics to measurement-related issues.

  • Product Safety & Liability Prevention

Promotes and understanding of product liability prevention and how to incorporate it into quality systems and efforts.

  • Quality Management

Members represent all levels of management including executives, managers, team and project leaders, supervisors and quality professionals aspiring to those positions.

  • Reliability

Provides a forum for networking among members on reliability engineering, management and related topics.

  • Service Quality

Provides the knowledge to deploy and integrate quality systems, principles, and techniques in service-oriented functions.

  • Six Sigma

Offers informal and practical opportunities for Six Sigma professionals at any experience level to share knowledge and solutions.

  • Software

Members include software quality professionals, software engineers and others interested in applying quality principles to software development.

  • Statistics

Members include quality managers, engineers, statisticians, and educators who apply, research, develop, and promote statistical methods.

  • Team and Workplace Excellence

Provides learning and recognition opportunities to help people, teams, and organizations achieve performance excellence.


Interest Groups

Interest group status is a preliminary step to becoming an ASQ division. These new groups are created to serve an audience not covered by the listed divisions and forums. We currently have three interest groups: Quality in Athletics, Quality in Mining, and Innovation. Membership in these groups is open to all ASQ members and to nonmembers.


Communities provide you with a way to establish a bond of common experience and challenges around a specific area of interest.

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